Speed Nailing

Speed Nailing

(courtesy Igor Capinos - www.sailmodel.ho.ua)

I shown here simple jig for hammer a nail. The base of the tool is a set of side cutting pliers. I have fixed the tube from brass by means of holder ( see image). The pipe is located perpendicular to cutting edge of pliers.

The nailing process consists of several steps:

1. Pre-drill nail hole location(s) in the hull. They should be approximately 90% of the diameter of the wire.     

2. Insert your wire in the pipe and allow it to protrude about 2 mm.  

3. Easily jam wire in pliers, insert wire in hole and press to stop. (only apply enough pressure to keep the wire from slipping)

4. Bring forth wire another 2 mm and repeat step 3.

5. Cut wire.

speed nailing 1.gif

Speed nailing 2.jpg

Speed nailing 3.jpg