A Selection of Modern Plans



The Schooner Bluenose

The First Race (1921)

'The Story of the Bluenose' booklet (1938)

Based on the research and plans of Philip Eisnor.
Perhaps the most accurate set of plans of the Bluenose as it was readied for its first year on the Grand Banks.

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The Matthew.jpg

The Matthew

Copy of original plans for the Bonavista replica ship.
(courtesty Ye Matthew Legacy)

3/16" scale modeling plans

1/4" scale modeling plans

The Mediator Sloop.jpg

 Mediator Sloop (1745)

1/4" scale - Single Masted 10 gun Brig.
Plans by Jeff Staudt
(courtesy ModelShipBuilder)


The Pleasure

1/2" scale Steam Ship
Plan sheet [1], [2], [3] & [4]
Plans by Bob Hill
(courtesy Dave Stevens)

The Smasher.jpg

The 'Smasher'

3/4" scale - 42 pounder carronade - desktop display model
Plans by Jeff Staudt
(courtesy ModelShipBuilder)

The Batteau.jpg

The Batteau

1/2" scale - Many types of batteau's were used during the War of 1812.
Plans by Jeff Staudt
(courtesy ModelShipBuilder)


Guns and Carriages

1:12 scale - 17th century Guns and Gun Carriages
Plans by Jeff Staudt


Bomb Vessel Cross Section

1/4" = 1' scale

1/2" = 1' scale

Plans by Jeff Staudt
(Courtesty ModelShipBuilder)