The HMS Halifax Project

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HMS Halifax
Model by Harold M. Hahn
Photo Credit: Dave Stevens image collection

HMS Halifax 1768

HMS Halifax as refitted by the Royal Navy for coastal patrol in North America 1768
Photo Credit: Courtesy of National Maritime Museum - Greenwich

HMS Halifax was originally a schooner built for merchant service at Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1765. It was later purchased by the British Royal Navy in 1768 and refitted for coastal patrol in North America in the years just prior to the American Revolution. She is one of the better documented schooners from early North America and her lines were taken after it was refitted (Admiralty draft: Regd No 4594, Box 64)

Portsmouth Dockyard Officer' Report

27 Sept. 1768

"In obedience to your directions of the 9th instant pray leave to acquaint you that we have taken a schooner from Halifax, hired by Commodore Hood, into a dock and having surveyed and made a draught of her herewith sent her principal dimensions and scantlings as also the value of her hull, Masts, Yards. Furniture and Stores. And prey leave to observe that she appears to be well built, is about two years old schooner rigg'd and has a character of being a good sea boat and of carrying a stiff sail are therefore humbly of the [opinion] sh may be a proper vessel to be purhased for the service she was hired for Viz:

Principal Dimensions Ft In
Length of the Range of the Deck 58 3
Length of the Keel for tonnage 46 10-1/2
Breadth Extream 18 3
Depth in hold 8 10
Depth of the waist in Midships 1 0-3/4
Height of the cutting down in Midships   9-1/2
Burthen in Tons   No 83-4/94
Scantlings   10
Timbers sided at the top of the side   6
    moulded at the Floor Heads   6-3/4
    between the floor heads   4-7/8
    at the top of the side   4-1/4
Room and space of the timbers 1 9
Plank of her bottom   2
The Hull measure 83 4/94 £    
tons @ £3-15-0 per ton 311 8 2-1/4
Masts, yards etc. 20 8 0
Boats 4 10 0
Rigging with blocks 6 16 0-3/4
Ground tackle 27 12 9
Anchors 11 5 3
Sails 23 16 7-1/2
Other furniture 0 18 11
  £406 15 10

Roger Gastrill, Thos Cosway, T Bucknall, Thos Snell, John Henslow"

[NMM POR/D/17]

Source:  The Colonial Schooner 1763-1775, pg. 63
by Harold M. Hahn


The goal of this first project is to take the modeler, especially the novice builder through the process of building a scale hull model of the HMS Halifax using upside down method of model building introduced by Harold M. Hahn in the 1960-70s and slightly modified at a later date by other modelers.

The model is constructed based on the plans by Haroldd M. Hahn and a timbering kit donated by Ev Stevens owner of  The Lumberyard for Model Shipwrights. Plans come with the kit, or can be ordered separately through them.

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Part 1 - The timbering kit and plans

Part 2 - Tools and Supplies

Part 3 - Frame construction

Part 4 - The Keel Assembly