Fredrik Henrik af Chapman


Historic ship plans by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman,

Architectura Navalis Mercatoria, 1768

The drawings of many ships by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman were published in his book "Architectura Navalis Mercatoria" in Stockholm 1768. The publication holds 62 original plans and comments on ship building and theoretical considerations of that time. All are available for download at the website of the Stockholm Maritime Museum.

Chapman divided ships into five main groups according to details of hull construction.

Frigate, hagboat and pink had a beak-head just like the warships of that time. Catt and bark did not have a beak-head and were more blunt and full-bodied at the bow.

Each drawing has a scale which allows measurements to be made in one of three different units of length. The options are:

  • S - Swedish - Fot
  • E - English - Foot
  • F - Pre-Revolution French - Pied du Roi

Using the 'F' scale, 80 Pieds du Roi equates to 26 metres